The UFCD Labor Caucus seeks to provide equal rights to all workers. Whether it be promoting a fair living wage or the right to come together as a union, the Labor Caucus strives to make sure anyone who is working a job is not stuck below the poverty line. In the past, the caucus has attended marches in Gainesville to protest the unfair treatment and wages of farm workers and has attended multiple city commission meetings to fight for a higher living wage in the city of Gainesville.


2016-2017 Caucus Chairs

Sheamus Cooper

Matthew Barocas


R. Matthew Barocas is a Co-Chair of the UFCD Labor Caucus. Originally from the Village of Pinecrest in Miami, Matt is a first-year political science major and joined UFCD instantly after arriving on campus. On the Labor Caucus, he is looking forward to raising awareness of issues regarding wages and unionization in Alachua county, the state, and the country. Protecting Florida’s natural resources, improving the nation’s infrastructure, and ensuring the progressive expansion of rights for all citizens are a few of the many other issues he finds important.