Did you know that Florida is home to one of the world’s largest aquifers, but that it’s depleting every day? The UFCD Environmental Caucus seeks to inform the student body about the issues that currently affect our environment. The caucus has partnered with NextGen Climate, petitioned for better treatment of our environment, and traveled to the local springs.


2017-2018 Caucus Chairs


Mark Davis


Mark Davis is a third-year computer engineering major and college dem who is passionate about the environment, women’s rights, freedom, and democratic reforms. He has widely been described as extra, and if you met him before college you probably wouldn’t have been a fan. Catch him at student rec. He works every day either for his grades and his own future, or for the world he wants to create. He needs you to think that he’s funny, and that one isn’t a joke.

Sergio Osorio 

Sergio Osorio

Sergio Osorio is a third-year sociology major at the University of Florida. He is a co-chair of the Environmental Caucus of the UF College Democrats, a topic he gained experience with at an internship with the Transportation & Sustainability Division at the City of Coral Gables. Sergio intends to work in social business and corporate social responsibility after finishing his undergraduate education and then later get his PhD in sociology.