FCD Picture


Alejandro Levy

Third year history major

You can contact him at alejandro@ufdemocrats.org.




Jamie Lee


Third year political science and statistics major

Jamie Lee is the UFCD Vice President. She is a third year Statistics and Political Science major. Jamie has been involved with UFCD since 2015 and previously served as a co-chair for the Women’s Caucus. She is passionate about several women’s issues such as parental leave and the elimination of the gender pay gap. She also cares about protecting public education and working against gun violence. She loves John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, and she has become addicted to West Wing thanks to her Dems family. You can contact her at jamie@ufdemocrats.org.





Jack Renaud


Fourth year geography and political science major

Jack Renaud is the Treasurer of UFCD and is a fourth year Political Science and Geography major. Born in Jacksonville, Florida to a firefighter for a father and a nurse for a mother, Jack has always understood the importance of public service and civic engagement. He aspires to one-day work for the federal government in fields of intelligence and national security. On weekends or breaks you can find Jack at Jags games, on the golf course, or playing with his dog, Duval. You can contact him at jack@ufdemocrats.org.





Shreyas Amol Jethwani

Third year history major

You can contact him at amol@ufdemocrats.org.




Jordan Brown

Second year sustainability and the built environment major

Jordan Brown is the Director of Outreach for UFCD and is a second year Sustainability and the Built Environment major. She has been involved with UFCD since the Fall semester of her first year. Some issues that are especially important to her are those that concern women’s reproductive rights, the environment, and mental health treatment and awareness. If she isn’t out tabling with the Dems in Turlington, you may find her crying over a dog that someone let her pet, screaming Fifth Harmony’s hit song “That’s My Girl” at the top of her lungs, or waiting in line at Subway no matter how long the line is. You can contact her at jordan@ufdemocrats.org.



Kristen Jackson

Second year civil engineering major

Kristen Jackson is a second year Civil Engineering major and the UFCD Programs Director. She is pursing a minor in history and Sustainability and the Built Environment. Having a teacher mother and a park ranger father she has a full understanding of the importance of education and how crucial state budget and policies are. She hopes to be an Imagineer working for Disney in the future. In her spare time you can find her doing puzzles, playing video games or eating tacos from Flaco’s because she has no self-control. You can contact her at kristen@ufdemocrats.org.



Daniella Mora

Second year telecommunications and political science major

Daniella is a second year Telecommunication and Political Science major. She is a proud and active Democrat. When she’s not participating in UFCD events or sending the UFCD emails, she enjoys picnicking in the newly renovated Plaza of the Americas and trying all the wonderful restaurants Gainesville has to offer. You can contact her at daniella@ufdemocrats.org.