Our Appointed Positions are those who enhance the external well-being of our club. They include our Communications Directors, who put together videos to promote club events and create graphics to advertise information about our club, our Tabling Coordinator that helps facilitate campus outreach, and our Committee on Special Topics that cover single issues advocacy for things not covered by our caucus system.

Communications Directors

Dana Molk


Dana is the co-communications director of UFCD and a third year student at the University of Florida. She is double majoring in political science and criminology & law with aspirations of attending law school to become an attorney. Dana has previously held the positions of both communications director and programs director for UFCD and is the deputy communications director of FCD. Her political passions include fighting for women’s rights, ensuring equal education opportunities, and advocating for the disabled community. She is most thankful for her family, her dog, Barack Obama, and that one time she saw Hamilton on Broadway.


Tabling Coordinator

Carmen Sanchez


Carmen Sanchez is a first-year political science major. Since working as a fellow for the Hillary Clinton campaign, she’s realized her mission in life is to help better the lives of others. She believes the Democratic party has the best platform to achieve this goal. Carmen is a second-generation Puerto-Rican American with big dreams, and she hopes to further political activity in Gainesville. She also loves dogs, cats, and registering voters!

Committee on Special Topics


Nicholas Moore-LeFauve

Caucus photo

Nicholas Moore-LeFauve is a second-year information systems student. He was born and raised in Orlando Florida, but now U.F. is his home away from home. He’s excited to use his time here to improve both himself and the community. He is proud to be an appointed member of the UFCD caucus system and he knows we will accomplish great things this year.