Appointed Positons

Our Appointed Positions are those who enhance the external well-being of our club. They include our Communications Directors, who put together videos to promote club events and create graphics to advertise information about our club. Appointed positions also include Campaign Chairs, who serve as liaisons between campaigns that UFCD has chosen to endorse and work on within the local, state, and federal  government.

Communications Directors

Daniella Mora

Daniella is a first year Telecommunications major with a concentration in Political Science from Miami. She enjoys coffee, puppies, and sitting in her hammock in Plaza of the Americas. She is passionate about promoting and electing Democratic candidates and is excited to apply her communications experience to her new role in UFCD.  She hopes to help advocate for those who do not have a voice and is starting out on this path as a Co-Communications Chair for UFCD.

Kate Bowser

Campaign Chairs

Jordan Kriseman

Jordan is a first year Art History major. She has grown up around politics her whole life and is very passionate about them as a result. She wanted to get involved so she could contribute on a personal level to the political process. To her,being campaign chair is a great way for her to help out different campaigns throughout Florida and the US and get other college students involved as well.

Shreyas Amol Jethwani

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